Established in 2003, West Ridge Bungalow Neighbors is a voluntary group of neighbors in Chicago who desire to assist each other in preserving and appreciating the homes in our neighborhood; educating each other and the broader public in the value and the story of our neighborhood; and providing resources to each other to improve the quality of our homes, enrich our lives and assure our neighborhood's future.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WRBN update

Greetings Bungalow Neighbors,

Believe it or not, this is the 4th year of WRBN! We've all learned so much and met great neighbors who have become friends.

We are, however, at a crossroads. Halfway through 2007 we have fewer than 10 households who are paid members. In order to continue WRBN we need your support both as paid members, and also in recruiting new members.

We kicked off 2007 with a great party at the Concaildi's award-winning bungalow. And we've had great speakers this year:

  • Landscape designer David Gianneschi on bungalow landscaping and small space gardening
  • A hands-on insulation session in a bungalow, led by John Carroll of All Comfort Insulation
  • House in Progress bloggers Jeannie and Aaron Olson on forming a high-tech bungalow community while rehabbing their bungalow
  • Architect Chris Turley on how to add living space without destroying historic integrity

    And we've got lots more planned:
  • August tbd joint outing with the Northtown Garden Society to the Chicago Center for Green Technology
  • August 25 Members Only Saturday field trip to look at the Bungalows of Beverly. . and Beyond
  • September 11 A realtor's take on the bungalow real estate market in 2007
  • Oct 20 Members Only Saturday field trip to Island Girl architectural salvage showroom
  • Nov 13 The history of Devon Avenue and the neighborhoods around it

    How can you help? If you haven't already done so, please drop off a $15.00 check to Ann Glapa at 2601 W. Farwell if you'd like to attend any members only events. And spread the word! We'll be emailing a flyer with meeting details and membership information that can be distributed to your neighbors.

    Best regards,
    Jo Stavig and Maribeth Brewer
    WRBN Co-chairs

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